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Our life on a little Island in the Maldives

Our life on a little Island in the Maldives

As most of you probably know already we moved to the Maldives. We live on a tiny island called Fihalhohi and work for Aeolus Dive. This little island is so tiny we can walk around it in 10 minutes….you might think we will probably go crazy at some point. Who knows it might be possible in a few months but right now we really enjoy being here.

First impressions

We arrived on the 28. of May 2017 on the island and the first thought was it looks bigger than it is. There is a lot of vegetation which makes the island look bigger. We were greeted by the manager and he showed us to our room. To be honest we expected the room to be small and uncomfortable but we were positively surprised, its quite big, there is an air-conditioner, hot shower, a fridge and some furniture. So it makes it feel a little like home already :).

Where we eat

One of our biggest fears was to get always the same boring food. But surprisingly we are allowed to eat at the big buffet with all the guests which is great. There is something else every day. Every two weeks it starts again with the same theme but I don’t think it will get boring since there are a lot of choices, a salad buffet, different curry’s, live cooking, a warm buffet, fresh fruit and a dessert buffet. I hope we are not going to get fat in the next 11 months….

What can we do in our free time

We could go fun diving on the house reef but apart from that there are a lot of things we can do as well, like sitting in the bar with a cold beer writing a post and listening to the waves breaking on the beach. We can use the gym, play ping pong, billiard, volleyball, badminton. There is even a soccer field in the staff area and a little „library“ so we will have enough books to read for the next year. We just have to keep ourselves busy.

Working for Aeolus Dive

Our work schedule is really nice, in the morning we work from 8:00 until 12:30 then we have a lunch break and in the afternoon we work from 14:00 to 18:00. It feels nice to have regular working hours. A big difference to other jobs we had so far is the fact that teaching is a tiny part of our work, we do check dives, guide fun divers and occasionally we teach a DSD or some adventure dives. We might start missing teaching at some point….

Words cant explain everything so below some first impressions ..

If you like to visit us on this lovely little island or just share your emotions with us, feel free to drop us a comment or message ...

We are already looking forward to hear from you.

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  1. Hi there! Really enjoyed your blog! My husband and I are planning a trip to Fihalholi end May, beginning June 2018 and was wondering if the dicing / snorkling is ok during that time? We have only done one intro dive at Meeru Maldives 5 years ago and loved it! We chose Fihalholi because of the good reviews regarding the housereef snorkling and dives! Your feedback would really be appreciated! Regards Anja

    • Hi Anja. Really Happy you enjoy our blog 🙂 We arrived last year at the end of May and we can’t complain about the weather – even if it is rainy season. The diving and snorkeling is good all year round. The Housereef is really nice you can see loads of different Marine life and the corals are recovering really well after the last bleaching event. If you are interested in diving there are some different options, you could get your Open Water Certification at home beforehand or do a part of the course before you arrive here, so you can do a lot of dives here, we have awesome dive sites around Fihalhohi. If you just want to do one or two dives you should definitely do a Discover Scuba Dive on the Housereef when you are here. Regards Marina and Arved

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