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Teaching a family member how to Scuba Dive

Teaching a family member how to Scuba Dive

Since more then a year now I´m a PADI Instructor, teaching different people from around the world. I´m confident in my skills as an instructor and enjoy teaching all those people how to dive.

Now I guess it’s different teaching someone you don’t know than a member of your family. When I was talking to different instructors about teaching family members they had a lot of different opinions, ranging from I would never do this again to it was a great experience.

I never had someone I know visit me while I was traveling and now in January 2016 my brother was traveling to Koh Tao to do his Open water course with me.

I was so nervous, what if he does not like it, maybe he has some problems, maybe he panics….. OK, I tend to overthink things…. he arrived with a friend who did the course as well that was a good thing because I did not know his friend so there was someone „neutral“.

The course

In the evening when they arrived on Koh Tao we started with paperwork and they got some homework. The next morning we started with Theory and they did really well 100% in all 3 Quizzes. After lunch we went to the pool and started with confined. It went really well as well, they had some small problems with mask skills, they did not really enjoy taking it off but after a few tries it got better and better. It was great to see my brother learning all those things and really enjoying it and I was looking forward to taking them in the ocean and showing them why I love doing what I´m doing so much.

Day two of the course started with some more confined training and in the afternoon we went on the boat to do the first 2 dives in the ocean and of course they did great and where already looking forward to the next day.

On the last day of the course we finished all theory in the morning and then went on the pm boat for the final two dives. This time we had a photographer following us to take some beautiful pictures. The conditions where perfect, the visibility was great and the sun was shining.

It was a great experience teaching my brother and I learned that I just have to do it the same way I always teach and it all went perfectly fine. I hope in the future I have some more friends and family-members visit me to learn how to dive.

Thanks to Tony Myshlyaev for taking those awesome pictures.

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